"I invited him to the party, love. He's the one dancing on the table" -Klaus


Who runs this blog?
A typical 16-year old TVD fan! 

Did you make the gifs you use?
I have created a handfull gifs, but the vast majority are just found from various tumblr blogs. 

Will you check out my blog?
Sure! Just send me a message and I’ll look at your blog.

Will you follow me?
If I like your blog, I will follow you! To even have a chance of me following you, though, you must be a Vampire Dairies blog and you must be following me. 

Do you read your messages?
I read every message! I love hearing from you guys! I’m always open to your comments, questions, feedback, appreciation, constructive criticism or just fangirling! So don’t be shy!

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